Clinical Trials

I search for clinical trials all the time. I know that sounds insane but I do just for a shred of hope that this terrible disease could just disappear. I am frustrated and upset that this particular trial will take so long to complete because I want answers NOW. I feel as though that in the medical field data such as clinical trials, research, or experimental cures are related to give people some type of hope when they need it. From a public relations standpoint this looks great for the company who puts out this content because it will keep people checking back every fews days in hopes that the results are posted or that new information is being released. Being on both sides I think that it is important to keep families of those affected in the loop but I also think it is important to be sensitive to the issue and what you are representing. Getting a lot of traffic on your social media may be great but I think it is better to be sensitive to the families rather then get the most likes.


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